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Ararat Music manufactures and imports the absolute highest quality hand made instruments from Armenia and its surrounding regions.

Ararat Music’s current line of wind instruments include the Duduk, the Ghamish reed for the Duduk, the Shvi, and the rare and elusive Bloul (pictured below). These exquisite instruments are made in multiple keys upon order. Please contact us for more information.

Testimonials from celebrated performers:

"Thank you Vik and Ararat Music for finally giving us a source for consistently high-quality Armenian wind instruments. The sound of each of the instruments I recently got from you ( the Duduk and Ghamish, Shvi, and Blouls) is top notch. I am especially enjoying the chromatic Blouls!"
- Chris Bleth

"These are THE most reliable, professionally supervised, consistent, & beautifully crafted duduks, & ghamishes I've ever tried...
I just played them in several heart-wrenching scenes of Steven Spielberg's film ‘Munich', written by the greatest film music composer alive, Sir John Williams... they both LOVED the duduk sound! I also used it in the film 'Syriana'--among many, many others-- & in concert w/the greatest duduk master alive, and my teacher, maestro Djivan Gasparian. I played them in tour w/Yanni, recordings w/Sir Paul McCartney, & Anoushka Shankar, in live performances like the "Concert For George", and "The Symphony of The Passion of The Christ"... Actually, I'm using them in every project I participate... They are simply THE BEST! "
- Pedro Eustache
Multidirectional Flute/Duduk/World Winds/Reeds soloist & composer

Ararat Music would like to thank...

A special thanks to John Bas and H. Harry Moumdjian, honorary co-founders of Ararat Music, for their steadfast sponsorship and support during the company's inception.